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Last Updated: 2022-06-14 01:00:02

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 April 2022 

Daily awards for Apr 28 2022

Player Action Awards

BUKKAKKO has the highest skill with 260.15

Player with the highest skill

BUKKAKKO has killed the most players (70)

Player with the most kills (any team)

BUKKAKKO achieved the most bonus points (-3)

Player that has achieved the most bonus points.

GRANNY has commited suicide the most (4)

Players with nothing to live for

GRANNY has been online the longest (00:48:12)

Player with the most online time

Weapon Class Awards

GRANNY has the most Anti-Personnel Weapons kills (3)

Most kills with Anti-Personnel Weapons type weapons (including: Assault Shotgun, Crossbow, Crossbow Bolt, MP5 (Submachine Gun)).

GRANNY has the most Disposable Weapons kills (2)

Most kills with Disposable Weapons type weapons (including: Hand Grenade, Laser Tripmine, Satchel Charge, Snarks).

BUKKAKKO has the most Handguns kills (1)

Most kills with Handguns type weapons (including: 9mm Pistol, Colt Python 357 Magnum).

BUKKAKKO has the most Heavy Weapons kills (68)

Most kills with Heavy Weapons type weapons (including: Gluon Gun, Hivehand, Rocket Propelled Grenade Launcher (RPG), Tau Cannon, Tower Cannon).

Individual Weapon Awards

BUKKAKKO has the most 9mm Pistol kills (1)

Most kills with a 9mm Pistol

BUKKAKKO has the most Assault Shotgun kills (1)

Most kills with a Assault Shotgun

GRANNY has the most Crossbow kills (2)

Most kills with a Crossbow

BUKKAKKO has the most Gluon Gun kills (61)

Most kills with a Gluon Gun

GRANNY has the most Hand Grenade kills (2)

Most kills with a Hand Grenade

GRANNY has the most Rocket Propelled Grenade Launcher (RPG) kills (4)

Most kills with a Rocket Propelled Grenade Launcher (RPG)

GRANNY has the most Tau Cannon kills (8)

Most kills with a Tau Cannon